My 1972 Custom Boler

You are looking at a professionally refitted and customized 1972 13' Boler trailer.

This trailer has been built to marine yacht standards by a professional yacht finishing carpenter on Vancouver Island (British Columbia, Canada). It comes complete with granite counter tops, rosewood floors and black cherry cabinets in addition to many other customizations.

Have a look at the pictures and you will see for yourself how much work and passion has been put into this trailer. The yacht carpenter worked on this project for 4 years, including planning and revisions, resulting in a perfectly fitted and customized unit. Many of the photos were taken in 2001 prior to the wheel, HDTV, and axial upgrade.

This trailer is licensed in the State of California as a 2001 UBILT (meaning it was so customized, that the State of California determined it to be a custom trailer), but it was built from a 1972 Boler and customized in 2001 on Vancouver Island (British Columbia, Canada). The customization has continued.

The trailer is very light and can be pulled easily with a medium sized car.

Trailer specs:

List of custom add-ons and repairs: